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1. Yes! Youth participation trophies

2. Awards are preferred over cash!

3. Recognition award presentations – Make them great!

4. Cash & gift card awards are costly

5. People love awards


People Love Awards

People want praise. People want confirmation of their contributions. People want to feel important, needed, and worthy. People want a semblance of order, directions and goals. People see awards as confirmation for these basic human requirements.

The very things people want most...praise, acknowledgement and self worth are too often deemed to be minimally important. To any organization that relies on people to accomplish their mission, meeting the needs of the people doing the work is significant.

Awards can be spoken or handwritten and presented in private or public. Sadly, most awards have little impact beyond the time of the presentation. Most awards tend to be a few congratulatory words, an "atta-boy" written note, a logo-ed trinket or worse, cash or gift card.

Meaningful awards are presented for display by the recipient, with the recipient's name boldly pronounced, text that tells the story of the success, achievement or honor and acknowledges the presenting organization. These special awards, presented with an individual's name, award text and the presenting organization mentioned, truly satisfy our human desire for self importance and self worth, i.e. recognition.

The "Oscar"® awards presentation is watched on television by millions of people. Why does this program draw such a large following? People want and crave recognition. Absent of their own, people will celebrate the awards of others.

The people of your organization want awards and need recognition. They want their organization to care about them and recognize their worth. They want to share their recognition and tell their award story to co-workers, family, friends, visitors, and more.

Only personalized awards provide the permanent praise, acknowledgement and confirmation of self-worth desired by people of all ages and backgrounds.

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