Privacy Policy

AwardsMart’s business is the manufacture, sale and delivery of awards.

We do not sell, trade or share our customers confidential information.  AwardsMart conducts credit card and other similar payment transactions by telephone only, as electronic internet transactions have not yet proven to be 100% secure.

We do not maintain your card / account numbers*.  Any internal document made by AwardsMart to transact your award order payment carrying confidential credit, debit or check card information is destroyed within 48 hours of receipt.  

*(By customer request only, AwardsMart will maintain card numbers for organizations who request to be charged monthly for their on-going awards program or charged  periodically for an on-going name badge, sign or service anniversary program.)

Marketing information we may obtain, such as a fax number, telephone number, e-mail or mailing address will not be sold, traded or shared.  Any marketing communications you may receive from AwardsMart will include a “remove me from your list” option.