Text Writing

Plaque & Trophy Text Writing
Developing text for awards plaques or trophies is not difficult. Here are some basic guidelines.

The Recipient Name is Foremost
When an awards is being presented to an individual, the person's name, to whom the award is being presented, should be the focal point (largest wording) of the text. The individual's name is best positioned in the top half of the award.

Keep the Text Simple

Heading text, explaining why the award is presented.

Heading Examples

Appreciation Award
Distinguished Service Award
Past President
Honorary Member

If a heading is not appropriate, an organization logo, event / theme artwork, or individual's name becomes the heading

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Body of the Award

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The body copy of the award states the appropriate what, when, where, why or how of the honor being awarded.
What  What did the person do
When  Date Of
Where  Location of, or, for whom
Why  Why did it happen
How  How did it happen
Most body copy will not answer all of the possible questions. The most effective text is often 10 words or less.
Text Examples
In Recognition of
Five Years
Dedicated Service to

Awarded for
Outstanding Achievement
Exceeded Sales Quote - 102%

In Appreciation for
Your Outstanding Leadership
and Service to the

For His (Her) Dedication and
Devotion to

John Jameson
Winning Warriors

John Jameson
Best Coach Award
Warriors - 2006

John Jameson
Happy Anniversary

John Jameson #12

The Close
The closing consists of text which identifies who is presenting the award, followed by year or date information.
Plaques tell the store of achievement, honor, success, dedication and excellence. Therefore every plaque text is unique.

Help with Text Writing
AwardsMart personnel will assist you with text writing and layout, upon request. No added cost is incurred for this professional service.