Rosewood Pen and Case

  • This product can be a gift or an award
    • A remembered gift because the recipient will not forget the individual or organization that cared enough to have the gift engraved with their name
    • It is an award when the achievement or honor, and presenting organization's logo are engraved into the case top
  • Engraving is included; applied by AwardsMart's professional engraving staff and positioned on both the outside case lid and on the pen top adjacent to the clip.  Up to 16 letters in a name are included
  • Presented as a gift , the gift recipient's name is engraved on the pen and on the outside case lid 
  • As an award with a name engraved on both the pen and outside case lid, plus logo engraved, the cost is only $19.75.
  • A logo of your own design can be added for a first time set up fee of $14.75
  • Production time is 3-5 days

Note:  Size 6.875 Includes name engraved on pen and lid.  Size 6.8752 Includes engraved  "Thank You" or logo.


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Prices per quantity range, per size.
6.8750 InchesPer Item CostPer Quantity
AM10198$15.751 - 2
AM10198$14.753 - 5
AM10198$13.756 - 23
AM10198$12.7524 - 99
AM10198$11.75100 - 0
6.8752 InchesPer Item CostPer Quantity
AM10198$19.751 - 2
AM10198$18.753 - 5
AM10198$17.756 - 23
AM10198$16.7524 - 99
AM10198$15.75100 - 0