Die Cast Pins

Die casting is an inexpensive, multi-step process where molten metal is poured into a die cavity.  after cooling, the resultant castings are cleaned, and electro-plated in gold, silver, copper, or black metallic.  The die casting process allows for open areas, 3D and dimensional jewelry designs.  One or more colors cna be applied into the design cavities.

A die must be created for cast jewelry.  Creating a die is a machine and by-hand process.  The quality of the artwork and the skill of the individual die maker, together determine the resultant cast award product.

  • Dies tooling services:  From $70 ad up, determined by the design's size,shape and complexity of details
  • Metal colors:  Bright shiny finishes, low luster finishes and antiques finished are available (gold, silver, bronze/copper or black)
  • Applied colors: Most colors can be matched upon customer request.  Colors 8¢ each
  • Attachments:  The military post and clutch back is standard.  Others are available at an additional cost.
  • Packaging:  Each pin is individually poly-bagged.  Clear top plastic pin boxes are available 80¢ each
  • Shipping:  $38.50
  • Delivery:  Expedited delivery is 10 to 14 days.  Normal delivery of pins and medallions is 30 days +/-
  • Proof:  To ensure accuracy of design, layout, color and size, a proof is provided to you before production of pin or medallion.


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Prices per quantity range, per size.
0.7500 InchesPer Item CostPer Quantity
R3003$1.95100 - 299
R3003$1.65300 - 499
R3003$1.45500 - 999
1.0000 InchesPer Item CostPer Quantity
R3003$2.15100 - 299
R3003$1.80300 - 499
R3003$1.60500 - 999
1.2500 InchesPer Item CostPer Quantity
R3003$2.35100 - 299
R3003$2.00300 - 499
R3003$1.75500 - 999
1.5000 InchesPer Item CostPer Quantity
R3003$2.75100 - 299
R3003$2.35300 - 499
R3003$2.05500 - 999